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in Woodworking Bed Plans

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    • samphaul from starting a business says:

      All categories of comfort bed’s are really looking good. Thanks for this information. I have watched gallery. Nice post.

    • Nate says:

      What kind of wood do you recommend for someone who wants to build a bed that both looks nice, but is also extremely affordable? I am looking for something more like a college student would have in his dorm. Great information on the site, by the way. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Nate:
      Pine or Spruce for any exposed surfaces would be the least expensive and you could use plywood for most of the rest of the bed. For a little bit more money, Oak or Redwood looks really beautiful when finished. Oak will last the longest as it is a hardwood and will stand up to abuse much better than the other woods. For me, Redwood is beautiful when finished; it is a soft wood though, and will show dents and scratches if abused.

    • Jay from Shark Floor Cleaner says:

      You have a very nice site on bed plans. I enjoy wood working and I have made everything from bird houses to small sheds. I am going to build a bunk bed for my two boys and the resources you provided here have given me some great ideas and answered my questions. Thank you.

    • Andy from circular saw to table saw says:

      I would like to toss in that poplar is a pretty affordable semi-hardwood for bunk beds. It is easy to mill and sand, and takes a finish really nicely. As cherry has gotten so expensive over the last few years, I have stained several poplar projects with a cherry stain with beautiful results.
      Thanks for the opportunity to contribute!

    • Ivan from amazing wood projects says:

      Great plans you have here, thanks for having us!

    • dslr ireland says:

      CommentLuv is amazing. I use it on all of my blogs and it really does increase the amount of REAL comments from readers, as there is an incentive for them to post.

    • When we moved into our new house a few years ago I built a set of Bunk Beds for my son’s room. We could not find a design that we liked, so I kinda came up with my design. On one end of the bed I built a desk for them to do homework on and on the other end was a small fort for them to play in.
      I also built in drawers under the bottom bed for storage.
      I built these beds using White Pine 2 X 6 lumber for the main part of the bed frame (head board foot board and side rails. For the desk area I used 1 X 6
      Pine lumber. For finishing it, I took a propane torch and burnt the lumber and then lightly sanded it and then put satin poly-urethane on it. It turned out really good and they used them for about 5 years until they decided that they needed separate rooms.
      Michael Catron´s last blog post ..PVC Furniture Plans

    • bss oss says:

      Doesn’t matter whether you make your mind up to buy metal or wood bed. because bed durability depends on its quality and features.

    • william says:

      Hi, William from upholstered beds and I am very happy to find such an informative website.
      I would to add that making your own upholstered headboard to add to an existing bed is a very inexpensive way to change your entire bedroom look. If you just search for “how to make a headboard”, you will find several sites with easy instructions.

    • Hi I was looking around for some good bed plans when I came across your site.
      finding the right bed plans can be difficult so are finding the rightWorkbench plans. I found what i was looking for here, good site
      Clay Wilkerson´s last blog post ..Furniture Woodworking Plans

    • I went through all the categories of Bed-Plans and found all the items comfortable for sleeping. personally, I liked the platform beds the most. Its a nice site regarding the main furniture one must have in one’s home. And what’s better than having a comfortable bed to make the home a sweet home.

    • chad from Orlando Web Design says:

      my dad likes using cedar. our whole house design is almost cedar. baseboards, door trim, whole nine yards.

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